Best Translation Podcasts for Translators in 2023

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On this page, I have curated a list of some of the best translation podcasts that are sure to provide valuable insights, tips, and inspiration for translators and language enthusiasts. From discussions of the latest trends and technologies in translation to interviews with renowned translators, industry leaders and experts, these podcasts offer a wide range of topics and perspectives to help you stay informed and engaged with the world of translation.

Best Translation Podcasts

Best Podcasts on Translation News

Best Translation Podcasts in Dutch

Video Podcasts About Language Translation

Discontinued but Still Useful Podcasts About the Translation Industry

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Erwin van Wouw

English to Dutch translator/editor Erwin van Wouw

Erwin (1973) is a native speaker of Dutch living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has worked as a fully qualified and certified English to Dutch translator for over 15 years to help companies turn their English documents into flawless and natural flowing Dutch.