BlacKKite: 10 Years of Translation

Before I launched BlacKKite in 2007 I had trained as an electrician, built up a career in the printing industry and completed further training in translation. In line with my technical training and expertise, I began with mainly technical translation, although I also translated marketing texts.

Technical Translation Specialist

In 2012 I decided to focus solely on technical documentation, and since then I have continued to expand my knowledge in this specialist area through ongoing training, including webinars and courses.

Following regular training and courses on specific technical subjects keeps me up to speed with existing technologies and alert to emerging trends and developments. Moreover, it enables me to provide high-quality translations and anticipate future requirements in the field. I believe this is a great foundation for another ten successful years for BlacKKite.

Content Production and Content Optimization

At the same time, I foresee a shift in demand with regard to translation services due to rapid advances in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and business intelligence. I also believe that the need for content production and content optimization of existing text will grow.

With this in mind, in addition to my current translation and editing work I am also rolling out new services in 2018 – all under the BlacKKite banner.

Besides English to Dutch translations of technical documents, you can now also rely on me for a range of associated services. You will hear more from me about this soon, but for now I would like to wish you the very best for 2018!

Kind regards,
Erwin van Wouw

Erwin van Wouw

English to Dutch translator/editor Erwin van Wouw

Erwin (1973) is a native speaker of Dutch living in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has worked as a fully qualified and certified English to Dutch translator for over 15 years to help companies turn their English documents into flawless and natural flowing Dutch.