Translation project procedures

What happens when you submit a project for translation? Find out how Black Kite processes workflow for professional, structured completion of your translation project.

Receipt of source document

I prefer to receive electronic files and accept a range of file formats, even PDF files. View the full list of supported file formats for translation. You send your documents to me confidentially using the quote form or e-mail. Generally speaking, I can provide a tailor-made quote within a few hours on a weekday, but always within 24 hours!

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After looking at your documents, I provide a price quote and time frame for your translation project. The turnaround time depends on the volume, difficulty of the text and the requested delivery date. My average daily output is 2000 words.

Determine your wordcount


Once you accept the quote, I plan your project and we agree on a deadline. And then it is time for translation! Each translation is done by a human translator using the latest translation technologies.


After translation I perform a quality guarantee service consisting of checks for: Accurate and consistent form, style and sentence structure | Consistent use of terminology as stipulated by project or client specifications | Spelling, typos, grammar and punctuation | Accurate transposition of numerical data from source to target.


I send you the completed translation as quickly as possible, but always by the agreed deadline. Because I adhere to the original document format, the translation you receive is ready for use. If you have any questions or comments about the translation, please let me know as soon as possible after delivery.

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