What Are the Steps of the Language Translation Process?

What are the steps involved in the language translation process and what should be considered when planning a translation project?

BlacKKite uses a tried and tested step-by-step translation process with modern strategies for fast and efficient delivery of English to Dutch translations. Read on to get familiar with each of the individual language translation process steps.

Step 1. Preparing for the Translation Process

How to prepare for translation? Start the translation process early, and ensure that your text is edited and suitable for publication. Proper preparation for the translation process will ultimately save you time and money!

  • Translation Brief

    A translation brief is a set of instructions that describe how a translation should be conducted

Create a clear translation brief specifying the scope, purpose of the content, target audience, tone of voice, preferred terminology, and the desired deadline. Please indicate your requirements and preferences as completely and accurately as possible.

Alternatively, you can download a translation brief template with predefined questions in order to enter your instructions.

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How to Submit Your Source Document

Send your latest documents confidentially using the quote form. A range of file formats are supported, including PDF files.

Step 2. Analysis of the English Text

After reviewing your documents and brief, you will receive a specified, tailor-made price quote for your project within the hour during office hours in the Netherlands but always within 24 hours! Your quotation includes a binding delivery date and time frame.

The turnaround time depends on the volume, difficulty of the text and the requested delivery date. My average daily capacity is 2,500 Dutch words.

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Step 3. English to Dutch Translation

Once you accept the quote, your project is scheduled, and we agree on a deadline.

Next up is the creation of the actual Dutch translation, which is guaranteed to be 100% human-made using the latest CAT-technologies.

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Step 4. Proofreading the Dutch Text

A translation quality assurance process will be conducted on the translated text, including checks for:
  • Accurate and consistent form, style, and sentence structure
  • Consistent use of terminology
  • Spelling, typos and grammar
  • Proper use of punctuation
  • Accurate transposition of numerical data

Step 5. Translation Delivery

You get the translated document by email as soon as possible, but no later than the agreed deadline.

The full service includes the following deliverables:
  • Dutch translation in source file format
  • Meticulous Quality Assurance process
  • One round of post-delivery editing
  • Proprietary term base (optional)

Completing the Translation Process

If you have any questions or comments about the final document, please let me know promptly after delivery. I will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.


Upon completion of all translation process steps, you receive an invoice detailing the word count, amount payable, due date, and payment instructions for the project.

I kindly ask you to transfer the total amount of the invoice within 21 days to the bank account specified on the invoice. BlacKKite offers multiple payment methods to settle the invoice.

Let's See That in Action

Now that you know the steps involved in the Dutch translation process, would you like to proceed and request a price quote?

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