Technical translation into Dutch

In order to interpret technical texts accurately, a translator needs a great deal of technical aptitude. I can usually get a good grasp of the operation of a device or technology and am able to visualize it. This allows me to create a free-flowing translation of a user guide or maintenance manual of products and services.

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Overview of the technical documents that Black Kite can process

There are almost no limitations to the technical publications you can have translated, among which the content types in the categories specified below.

Commercial communication

Creative content for direct marketing to customers.

  • White paper
  • Product pitch
  • Product brochure
  • Press release
  • Review
  • Website content
  • Advertising copy
  • Leaflets
  • Transcreation


Written instructions on how to use or do something.

  • Installation guide
  • Quick start guide
  • Instructions for use
  • Electronic IFU (Instructions For Use)
  • E-labelling, electronic labelling
  • E-labeling, electronic labeling (Am. English)
  • Operating manual
More items...
  • Operating instructions
  • Instruction booklet
  • Quick-reference guide
  • Handbook
  • Set-up instructions
  • Setup guide
  • User's guide
  • User's manual
  • Software manual
  • Users' guide
  • User manual
  • How to guide
  • Quick reference card
  • Owner's manual

Technical support information to address or tackle any issues, difficulties or problems the user or customer might face.

  • Online help
  • Help files
  • Help support
  • Help information
  • Service desk templates
  • Self-service knowledge base
  • Self-service center
  • Incident templates
  • Help desk ticket templates
  • Service desk tool content
  • Troubleshoot templates
  • Escalation process templates
  • Issue management templates
Service and maintenance

Guidelines/instructions on how to maintain, repair, service, lube or clean machines and/or devices.

  • Maintenance manual
  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Preventive maintenance recommendations
  • Periodic maintenance plan
  • Periodic maintenance schedule
  • Service manual
  • Service requests
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Fault finding guide
  • Maintenance handbook
  • Fault handling routine
More items...
  • Maintenance advice
  • Maintenance overview
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Maintenance chart
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Care instructions
  • Lubrication plan
  • Lubrication specifications
Schematic diagrams, drawings and specifications

Captions/notes to diagrams, drawings or pictures, and parts or accessories overview. Because of the isolated terms this category is often challenging to translate for a technical translator.

  • Parts lists
  • Schematic diagrams
  • Product specifications
  • Parts drawings
  • Technical manual
  • Accessory overview
  • Parts overview
  • Cutaway drawing
  • Cross-section drawing
  • Exploded view drawing
Release information

Release documentation distributed with software products. Release information contains a summary of the available features and/or changes made since the last build or version release.

  • Release summary
  • Software release notes
  • Change log
  • Service announcements
  • Release notes template
  • Update details
  • Upgrade details
  • Upgrade history
More items...
  • Build log
  • Version log
  • Compatibility requirements
  • System requirements
  • Bug fixes
  • Feature overview
  • Feature comparison sheet
  • Readme files

Information on safety and health and instructions/regulations on how to mitigate risks.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Product Safety Data Sheets (PSDS)
  • Safety information
  • Safety regulations
  • Operating requirements
  • Operating procedures
  • Safety instructions
  • Usage requirements
  • Safety labels