A non-literal, creative translation

Your existing marketing materials are in English and you need to make them appealing to a Dutch-speaking audience without launching a separate campaign – but how?

The non-literal form of translation known as transcreation is the best way to go.


Transcreation puts the focus on the purpose and intention of a text rather than its exact wording. With this technique, the translator has more freedom than is usually the case.

By writing, adding, eliminating and/or rewording text, the translator is able to transmit the intended message effectively while retaining the essentials of the original.

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Translation or transcreation?

By transcreating your copy you can stand out from the competition. Transcreation of marketing materials is a useful approach in the following cases:

Company motto, slogan or tagline

I provide one or two alternative translations for your company motto, slogan or product-specific tagline, and a creative rationale and back translation for each option.

Culture-specific elements

Your copy contains culture-specific elements that would…

  …lose its meaning in translation.
For example, baseball has less associative value for most Dutch speakers than soccer, tennis or ice-skating.

  …be puzzling or obscure for the target group.
For example, knock-knock jokes are not generally effective with Dutch-speaking audiences, since they are not familiar with the concept of these jokes or the wordplay they entail.

Rhythm and rhyme

The Dutch translation of rhyming copy should convey the meaning and have the same sort of rhythm, rhyme and sound as the English original.

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