Website translation into Dutch

I present a project analysis, including the options to consider: partial or complete translation of the website into Dutch or a summary translation. I also advise you on any adjustments needed and whether your website copy needs minor or complete localization to provide better results. Localization refers to the adaptation of language, content and design to reflect local cultural sensitivities. Cultural factors require close attention in translations, since they can cause misunderstanding. For this reason, I ensure that all of my translations meet the linguistic and cultural expectations of your target readers.

Translation of all elements

All elements can be transferred into the target language. These elements may include text retrieved from a data base, meta tags, static content, graphic user interfaces (GUI) and other graphic materials such as banners and buttons.

Translation of CMS content

Do you want to translate your content managed in a Content Management System like Wordpress or Joomla? That is probably easier than you think! There's a plugin for Wordpress that let's you export the content for translation.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Key words and search terms are essential considerations in website translations, and I take particular care to analyse the effectiveness of these English terms in the Dutch marketplace. Often, a similar word or synonym is more compatible with Dutch search engines than a literal translation. Additionally, by placing these words in strategic positions on your web pages you can improve the organic search results in Google, Bing and other search engines.