Dutch Website Translation Services

Do you require an English to Dutch website translation to help you enter the Dutch market?

BlacKKite can help you accurately translate your English language website into natural flowing Dutch.

Dutch Website Translation & Localization

For the translation of your English website into Dutch, you have the following options to consider:
  • Complete translation
    Dutch translation of the entire English website.
  • Summary translation
    Dutch translation of the boiled down contents of your English website.
  • Partial translation
    Dutch translation of specific sections of your English website.

iPhone with Dutch website translation

Dutch website translation is the process of translating the content of an English website into Dutch. As a qualified website translator, I can advise you on any adjustments needed and whether your website copy needs minor or complete localization into Dutch to provide better results.

Dutch website localization refers to the adaptation of the Dutch language, content, and design to reflect the local cultural sensitivities in the Netherlands or other Dutch-speaking areas.

Cultural factors require close attention in translation since they can cause misunderstandings. For this reason, I ensure that all of my Dutch website translations meet the linguistic and cultural expectations of your Dutch target readers.

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Translation of All Elements

BlacKKite allows you to transfer both the static and dynamic content of your website into Dutch for the Netherlands, including the following back end elements and front end elements such as:

  • Title <tag>
  • Description <metatag>
  • Keywords <metatag>
  • Image Alt text
  • Hyperlink descriptions
  • Text of web forms
  • URLs
  • Error messages
  • Graphics such as banners and buttons

CMS Content Translation

Use a plugin to translate your CMS website content. Translation management plugins add multilingual website capabilities to Content Management Systems like WordPress by providing export functionality for:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Meta data
  • Menus
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • CMS themes

SEO for Dutch Website Translation

If your website translation is not optimized for search engines, your website localization efforts may be in vain. I can help you integrate SEO into your Dutch website translation process.

I will analyze the effectiveness of the keywords for the Dutch market. SEO-compliant Dutch keywords are rarely the literal translation of their English equivalents. I provide similar Dutch words or synonyms that match search queries from potential Dutch-speaking customers.

Placing these optimized Dutch keywords strategically on your website will improve the organic search results for your Dutch website in Google, Bing, Startpage, Qwant, DuckDuckGo, PREsearch or other search engines.

The fact that you landed here on a Google search is a clear indicator that my SEO strategy is working well!

Erwin van Wouw, website translator

  • Modern SEO for Dutch Website Translation

    Targeted at a Dutch-speaking audience

In 2024, Search Engine Optimization for Dutch websites is largely about quality content and optimizing the user experience. I ensure that the Dutch website translation will read as nicely and coherently as your well-written English originals.

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Dutch Website Translation Quote

Do you need a Dutch website translation? Please complete the quote request form and provide a clear translation brief. BlacKKite will contact you within the hour to provide you with a tailored website translation quote.

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