Frequently Asked Questions About Translation

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Translation Pricing

Can I get a price estimate for my English to Dutch translation?
Simply complete the translation price calculator to instantly get a price, turnaround, and delivery estimate for your translation project.
How do I calculate the total cost for translation?
Once you know the word count of your document, you simply multiply the number of words in your document with the quoted unit price.
What is covered by the translation quote?
The project fee includes a thorough quality guarantee service plus one round of post-delivery editing.
Am I being charged for all the words in my English source text?
All translation rates are based on the total word count, including small words such as articles.
Why do self-employed translators charge lower rates than most translation agencies?
The overhead costs of an independent translator are much lower compared to translation agencies.

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Translation Turnaround Times

What is the turnaround time for English to Dutch translation?
The turnaround time for your project depends on the volume and difficulty of the text. Simply complete the turnaround time calculator to instantly get an estimate for your translation.
How many words does a translator translate per day?
My average daily translation capacity is 2,500 English source words. For revision and proofreading this number is around 4,000 and 6,000 words, respectively.
How long does it take to receive a translation quote?
You will normally receive a quote within the hour during office hours in the Netherlands.
Time zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour, during Summer Time/Daylight Saving Time UTC/GMT +2 hours. Current time

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Translation Document Submission

How should I submit my files for translation?
You can send your translation files and translation brief through the quote form, by email or via a file transfer service.
Is my data secure?
BlacKKite does its utmost to protect your privacy-sensitive data. All of the data you send through this website is transferred over HTTPS using the TLS encryption protocol.
What file formats are supported for translation?
Refer to the supported file formats overview.
Is it possible to translate PDF files?
Basing the PDF translation on the original source document is always preferable and is the most financially advantageous.
What is meant by the terms source text and target text?
The source text is the original English text requiring translation. The target text refers to the translated Dutch document.
How many words are in my A4 document?
A standard A4 page with default margins, and 12 point font size contains on average 400 to 500 words. Follow these instructions to count words in word processors such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or LibreOffice Writer.

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Translation Procedure

How do you ensure translation quality?
In order to guarantee the best translation quality, BlacKKite follows a set of best practices.
What specific fields and industries does BlacKKite work in?
I specialize in translating technical documents, such as user manuals, from English to Dutch. I also translate sustainable technology materials, general texts, and websites.
Are there any topics or services that BlacKKite does not handle?
I do not translate legal, financial, or medical documents. I am not an interpreter, and Flemish (Belgian Dutch) is not a working language of mine.
Are human translators better than machine translators?
When comparing machine translation to human translation, you should make sure to add several key factors to the equation.
What is the difference between Dutch proofreading and revising?
Proofreading involves the independent evaluation of the Dutch text, while revision involves cross-referencing it with the English source text from which it was translated.
Can I get a free test translation?
You are warmly invited to assess my Dutch showcase project in which I show how I tackle commonly occurring translation issues.
What are the general terms and conditions of BlacKKite Translations?
Refer to the general terms and conditions.
What is a CAT tool?
CAT tools or Computer Assisted Translation tools are used to support the translation process by avoiding repetitive work.

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