How to assure top translation quality?

As a certified technical translator, I follow the set of best practices described below in order to guarantee the best translation quality. Every translation is guaranteed a 100% human-generated translation!

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Final quality check

My quality guarantee service consists of checks for:

  • Accurate and consistent form, style, and sentence structure
  • Consistent use of terminology
  • Spelling, typos and grammar
  • Proper use of punctuation
  • Accurate transposition of numerical data from the source to the target

The QA check is a standard part of my translation workflow and significantly improves the quality of the final document!

Erwin van Wouw (translator)

Native Dutch translator

I am a native speaker of Dutch who was born and raised in the Netherlands. I only translate from English into Dutch.

When I receive requests for translations from Dutch into English, I outsource them to trusted colleagues who are native speakers of English.

Translation expertise

I only accept translation projects in fields that I am familiar with. This allows me to create thoughtful translations tailored to your target audience.

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Continuing professional and organizational development

I maintain and increase my specialist expertise with ongoing training in areas including: copywriting, content optimization, software localization, technical writing, software translation, Simplified Technical English (STE), app localization, transcreation, website translation and more.

In 2015, I was admitted to the Certified PRO Network.


I always deliver an accurate and well-researched translation. In case of doubt, I will not hesitate to ask the client for further clarification.

CAT tools

CAT tools or Computer Aided Translation tools improve translation project turnaround times and ensure consistent terminology use within a text.

I have used memoQ Translator Pro since 2011 and I am memoQ certified.

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Professional reference material

When translating, I draw from my hands-on experience and the specialist knowledge I gained during my training (see my summarized CV) or consult subject matter experts.

I also consult general and specialized technical dictionaries, monolingual and bilingual glossaries, corporate glossaries, and manuals.

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