7 Best Practices to Ensure Translation Quality

You may be wondering how to ensure a high-quality translation.

As a certified translator, BlacKKite follows a strict quality control regime through the set of best practices described below in order to ensure the best translation quality.

  • 1. Dutch Nativeness

    Only native speakers of Dutch

BlacKKite works exclusively according to the native speaker principle to produce superb translation quality. In practice, this means that only Dutch native speakers will translate your English language documents into Dutch.

  • 2. Final Translation Quality Control

    Ensures that the Dutch translation is suitable for publication
The goal of this thorough translation quality assurance process is to maintain linguistic accuracy, consistency, and cultural adaptation to exceed client expectations. The process consists of QA checks for:
  • Accurate and consistent form, style, and sentence structure
  • Consistent use of Dutch terminology
  • Spelling, typos and grammar
  • Proper use of punctuation
  • Accurate transposition of numerical data

The translation quality assurance process is a standard part of my workflow and significantly improves the translation quality of the final Dutch document!

Erwin van Wouw (technical translator)

BlacKKite offers English to Dutch translation services for the broader technology industry, but I specialize in translating for the engineering, sustainable technology, printing equipment, consumer electronics, and IT sectors.

I only accept translation projects in fields that I am familiar with. This allows me to create thoughtful Dutch translations tailored to your target audience.

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  • 4. Continuing Professional Development

    To maintain my specialist expertise

I maintain and increase my specialist expertise with ongoing training in several areas including: sustainable technology, copywriting, content consolidation, software localization, Dutch technical writing, translation quality control, software translation, Simplified Technical English (STE), app localization, transcreation, translation quality, and more.

In 2015, I was admitted to the ProZ Certified PRO Network, a screening process in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the EN 15038 standard for translation quality.

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  • 5. Request Clarification to Ensure Translation Quality

    Certainty is key

I always deliver accurate and well-researched Dutch translations. In case of doubt, I will not hesitate to ask for further clarification in order to produce a correct translation.

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  • 6. CAT Tools

    For fast and consistent Dutch translations

CAT tools or Computer Assisted Translation tools are used to support the translation process by avoiding repetitive work, and ensure consistent use of terminology within a translation.

I have been using the memoQ Translator Pro CAT tool since 2011 and have been a certified memoQ translator since 2016. memoQ Level 1 certification

Stamp imprint 100% human translation

Remember, every translation by BlacKKite is guaranteed a 100% human-generated translation.

Computer-aided translation is completely different from machine translation.

MT vs. human translation

  • 7. Professional Reference Material

    Access to great English and Dutch resources

When translating, I draw from my hands-on experience and the specialist knowledge I gained during my training (see my summarized CV) or consult subject matter experts.

I also have access to general and specialized technical dictionaries, monolingual and bilingual English to Dutch glossaries, corporate glossaries, and manuals.

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