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Are you looking for a Dutch language translator who can help you attract a Dutch-speaking audience?

BlacKKite is an English to Dutch translation service provider that offers translations tailored to your target audience. Whether you require a general translation, website translation or specialized technical translation, BlacKKite's English to Dutch translation service is second to none.

  • The Distinctive Advantages of BlacKKite Translations

    Translation quality is a given

Why Choose Dutch Translator BlacKKite?

Technical translation specialist Erwin van Wouw

I am Erwin van Wouw (1973). I have been working as an independent English to Dutch translator for over 15 years and I operate my business under the name BlacKKite Translations.

I help companies turn their English documentation into flawless and natural flowing Dutch for the Netherlands (NL-NL).

  • High sense of ownership
  • Transparent communication
  • Excellent research skills
  • Logo memoQ Level 1 certification

If you are looking for a service-focused and responsive Dutch translation partner who respects deadlines, look no further.

Translation Skills Showcase

Want to find out if my translation quality is up to par with your standards? Have a look at the following Dutch showcase translation that demonstrates how I tackle commonly occurring translation issues.

This case study includes English to Dutch translations of marketing materials, operating instructions, service instructions, and reviews for the Philips CD100 CD player.

view showcase translation

Technology Translation Expert

As a certified Dutch translator and former technician, I will transform your technical documents from English into free-flowing, coherent Dutch, no double Dutch.

  • Areas of Specialization Within the Technology Field

    Technology industry translation expert

I work as an all-round Dutch technical translator, but I specialize in English to Dutch translation for the following fields and industries:

There are almost no limitations to the type of technical publications that BlacKKite can translate into Dutch.

more about technical translation

What to Expect When You Order a Dutch Translation?

Interested in having your content translated into Dutch? BlacKKite ensures that all translations are carried out accurately, efficiently and transparently.

  • Your benefits:
  • 100% human Dutch translation
  • Preservation of the original layout and file format
  • Meticulous Quality Assurance process
  • One round of post-delivery editing
  • Translation memory on file for any subsequent work
  • Optional proprietary term base

How Much Does a Translation From English to Dutch Cost?

The most common question I get asked is "how much will this translation cost?" Well, that is an easy question to answer. BlacKKite charges a transparent per word translation rate based on the word count of the original English document.

Do you require an English to Dutch translation or would you like to know how much a translation will cost? Just complete the translation price calculator or request a tailor-made quote and find out about the cost for translation.

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