General Terms and Conditions for English to Dutch Translation

The Terms and conditions below apply to all English to Dutch translation and Dutch language services provided.

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Entering into an Agreement

  • The contract shall take effect on the acceptance in writing by the principal of the quotation submitted by the translator, or by the confirmation in writing by the translator of a commission granted him by the principal.

Alteration/Withdrawal of Commission

  • If, after the contract has been concluded, the principal makes any alteration other than minor changes to the original commission, the translator shall be entitled to adapt the lead time and/or remuneration or to reject the commission.
  • In the event of a commission being withdrawn by the principal he shall be liable for payment of that part of the commission that has already been executed.


  • The translator shall treat all information entrusted to him by the principal with the strictest confidence as per the Privacy policy.

Complaints and Disputes

  • The principal shall report complaints concerning the work delivered by the translator as soon as possible and inform him in writing of his dissatisfaction.
  • Should the complaint be well-founded, the translator shall improve the delivered work within a reasonable period of time, or agree to a reduction in the fee.

Lead Time, Delivery

  • As soon as it becomes apparent to the translator that the agreed delivery time is not feasible, he shall be bound to inform the principal immediately.

Fees and Payment

  • The translator's fee is based on a word tariff or an hourly rate as per the rates listed.
  • All sums shall be stated excluding value-added tax (BTW), unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Accounts should be settled at the latest date 21 days after the date of the invoice. Should the payment not be made within the period specified, the principal shall be in default, in which case the principal shall be liable for the statutory interest.

Liability and Indemnity

  • The translator shall be responsible solely for damage that is the direct and demonstrable result of a shortcoming for which the translator can be held accountable.
  • Judgment whether the text to be translated, or the translated text, contains certain risks of bodily harm or injury shall be the sole responsibility and liability of the principal.

Force Majeure

  • Force majeure shall be understood to include all causes over which the translator cannot exercise any control, such as fire, accident, illness, and governmental measures.