Portfolio Dutch technical translator

My portfolio contains an overview of successfully completed translation projects. I treat personal data and documents confidentially and therefore don't disclose any brands, models or names.

User manual heat pump

Client: manufacturer of sustainable climate solutions

Job: user's manual & Quick guide air to water heat pump

  • Translating instructions
  • Translating glossary
  • Translating drawings
  • Checking final version

Interface TMS

Client: software developer of innovative transportation systems

Job: user interface transport management system

  • 120.000+ words
  • Translating strings
  • Building glossary
  • Bimonthly updates

Client: translation agency
Job: information guide

    Erwin provides excellent Dutch technical translations.    

Do you want to check if my translation quality is up to your standards? The following Dutch showcase translation pinpoints commonly occurring translation issues and shows how I tackle them.

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Manual splicer system

Client: manufacturer of printing equipment

Job: operator manual splicer system

  • Translating instructions
  • Translating maintenance instructions
  • Translating troubleshooting steps
  • Translating spare parts list

Owner's manual shredder

Client: manufacturer of garden power tools

Job: owner's manual shredder

  • Translating instructions
  • Building glossary
  • Translating diagrams
  • Checking final version

Client: direct client
Job: user interface

    Just wanted to let you know how glad I am to have you on the team.    

User manuals for PPE

Client: manufacturer of personal protection equipment

Job: manuals for respiratory protective devices

  • Translating instructions
  • Translating maintenance instructions
  • Translating diagrams
  • Checking final version

Web copy printing system

Client: manufacturer of digital printing solutions

Job: website and leaflets for digital printing systems

  • Transcreation
  • Translating specifications
  • Building glossary
  • Full campaign

Client: direct client
Job: manual

    The best translation experience I've ever had.    

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