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Innertrak (course materials)

Industrial machinery and test equipment

  • Operative instructions waste material baler
  • Operating instructions digital profile gauge
  • Operating instructions climate monitoring system
  • Operating instructions krebs viscometer
  • Data sheet Infrared digital laser thermometer
  • Data sheet surface roughness tester
  • Product fiches extreme pressure lubrication products

    I read your translation thoroughly and am very satisfied with the result!    

Handelsonderneming Velthuis (user guide)

Software / IT

  • User interface non-contact uncured powder gauge
  • Strings for data management software
  • Software strings Internet connected TV service
  • Interface VoIP phone
  • Software strings PDF converter

    We really like your translations!    

Post of the Future (letter templates)


  • Transport Management System
  • Marketing material SAP implementation method
  • SAP support material

    We'd like to thank you for producing an excellent translation despite the awkward time frame and deadline.    

Deluxe Digital Studio's (subtitles)

Consumer electronics & household appliances
  • User manual DVD player
  • User guide LED LCD monitor
  • User guide DVD home cinema system
  • User guides micro Hi-Fi systems
  • User's manual video conferencing system
  • Installation manual IP-camera
  • Service manual air conditioner
  • Users' guide air-to-water heat pump
  • Product fiche built-in fridge/freezer

    Thank you for your dedication
and a job well done.    

Tekst zonder grenzen (software reviews)

Printing & publishing
  • Operator manual splicer system
  • Operator manual web offset printing press
  • Online print ordering system
  • Artwork guidelines for print suppliers
  • Guide for print suppliers campaigns
  • Help files online print ordering system

    You've come up with some nice solutions.    

Marcelwoutersontwerpers (website)

Advertising & marketing
  • Web site supplier industrial inspection equipment
  • Instructor course materials fitness appliances
  • Installation and energy consultancy texts
  • Web site exhibition design company
  • Press release provider integrated application delivery solutions
  • HR questionnaires