Dutch Proofreading and Translation Revision

Would you like to have your Dutch writing checked by a native speaker to make sure it is accurate, clear, and free of any grammar, spelling, and typing mistakes?

BlacKKite can help you mind your p's and q's by crossing your t's and dotting your i's through their proofreading & revision services.

Dutch Proofreading

Proofreading involves reviewing your final draft text* and correcting any remaining errors to ensure your Dutch text is suitable for publication.

Including checks for:
  • Spelling, typos and grammar
  • Proper use of punctuation
  • Accurate sentence structure
  • Consistent use of Dutch terminology

Translation Revision

In addition to basic proofreading, translation revision compares the final draft translation* with the English source text from which it originated.

Including checks for:
  • Transfer of the source text message
  • Correct Dutch terminology
  • Accurate transposition of numerical data
  • + All standard checks
*Excluding machine translation and LLM output.

Why You Should Check Your Dutch Text

Proofreading and translation checking can help non-native Dutch speakers ensure that their writing follows the correct linguistic conventions, improving overall comprehension and communication with their Dutch-speaking target audience.

All language edits are made using the Track Changes feature, allowing you to see all corrections and comments made to the Dutch text. You can easily accept all changes in one go or assess them one by one.

My average daily capacity for translation revision and proofreading is 4,000 and 6,000 words, respectively. This means your writing will be corrected within the shortest period of time.

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Dutch Text That Would Greatly Benefit From Proofreading

BlacKKite can proofread and revise a wide range of Dutch text types across various industries, including:
  • Technical manuals
  • Scientific articles
  • Business documents
  • Websites and blogs
  • Marketing content

Proofreading Rates

Curious about the rates of a native Dutch proofreader? All proofreading and translation revising services are charged on a transparent per word or per hour basis, as detailed in this price list.

You can share your files in one of the supported file formats via a cloud-based office suite, or submit them via a file transfer service or through the quote request form.

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