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The above calculation is an indication. If you are happy with the translation estimate, please take a moment to provide your details and files to receive a tailor-made turnaround and price offer quickly.

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What is Covered by the Translation Quote?

The translation quote lists the itemized work, translation word price, turnaround time, delivery & payment details, and the general terms & conditions. The final delivery date for the translation project is set upon receipt of your order confirmation.

  • How Soon Can I Expect My Translation Quote?

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Once you have requested a price proposal, you will typically receive your tailored quote within hours during office hours in the Netherlands.
Time zone for the Netherlands: UTC/GMT +1 hour; during Daylight Saving Time UTC/GMT +2 hours. Current time

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What is Included in the Translation Price?

The quoted VAT-exclusive price is the final price. No surprises or additional charges!

In order to understand and compare the total project pricing, it is important to know exactly what the translation service entails.

The 100% human-generated Dutch translations provided by BlacKKite includes:
  • Preservation of the original layout and file format
  • Meticulous QA process
  • One round of post-delivery editing
  • Translation memory on file for subsequent work
  • Optional proprietary term base
  • What is the Turnaround Time for a Translation?

    Reliable delivery of your Dutch translation

My average daily output for translation is 2,500 source words. For editing and proofreading this number hovers around 4,500 and 6,000 words, respectively.

Attaching your files enables me to determine the exact turnaround time for your Dutch translation.

  • Can I Get a Free Sample Translation?

    Dutch showcase translation available

Want to know what you can expect in terms of translation performance? As an introduction, I provide potential customers with a Dutch case study showcasing translations of real-world documentation.

You are warmly invited to assess this translation project that demonstrates how I approach and tackle commonly occurring translation challenges.

The case study includes Dutch translations of marketing materials, operating instructions, service instructions, music reviews, and catalogs.

view showcase translation

What Does a Translation Process Look Like?

By using BlacKKite's translation service, you can be confident that your Dutch translation project will be processed accurately, efficiently and transparently.

The following Help Article describes the complete translation process step by step.

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