English to Dutch Sustainability Translation Services

Do you want to communicate the benefits of your sustainable technology to a Dutch-speaking audience?

BlacKKite provides English to Dutch sustainable technology translations to help your company better communicate the environmental advantages of your eco-friendly technologies.

  • In-depth knowledge of sustainability
  • Consistent use of apt Dutch sustainability terminology

What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology is an umbrella term for innovative concepts that take into account environmental, social and economic aspects.

Technology can help solve sustainability challenges utilizing three core principles:
  • Substitution: Replace non-renewable with renewable resources through technology.
  • Prevention: Prevent negative environmental impacts through technology.
  • Efficiency: Make efficient use of energy and resources through technology.

What are Sustainability Translation Services?

Sustainable technology translation is the process of transforming written content for eco-friendly technologies from one language into another language, such as English to Dutch.

Business Opportunities in Green Technology

Besides reducing energy consumption and raising public awareness, green technology will be one of the key strategies to combat climate change and global warming in the 21st century.

The expansion of renewable innovation presents an opportunity for the development of a new industry for intelligent, environmentally safe technologies. The global demand for these new low and zero carbon technologies is growing rapidly.

How Can a Dutch Translation Help Your Business?

The Dutch are an environmentally conscious people, eager to adapt to renewable solutions. With approximately 24 million Dutch speakers worldwide, the Dutch-speaking community forms a very appealing market.

  • BlacKKite Provides Translation Help

    For green businesses

BlacKKite is a Dutch sustainability translation services provider that helps manufacturers and suppliers of environmentally durable products and concepts translate their documentation and green marketing materials.

Preferred translator for:
  • Manufacturer of sustainable climate solutions
  • Waste management company
  • Manufacturer of sustainable wood products
  • Transportation management technology provider

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Translation Quality Assessment

Want to find out if my English to Dutch translations match the high standards of your products? Take a look at this Dutch case study to see how I approach and solve common translation issues.

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Types of Sustainable Documents

Dutch technical manual translation

Users of smart heaters need to understand its Dutch user instructions to be able to control the device properly. Just as Dutch-speaking laborers working on a solar farm need to understand the Dutch installation instructions clearly to install the equipment safely and securely.

BlacKKite can help you render all types of documents in fluent Dutch, including:
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Installation manuals
  • Product information materials
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  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Technical reports
  • Training and eLearning materials
  • Multimedia marketing contents
  • Websites & blogs
  • Eco-driving instructions
  • Technical papers and articles
  • Research materials
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Service manuals
  • User manuals

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BlacKKite can help sustainable businesses launch their durable products onto the Dutch-speaking market.

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What Are Your benefits?

  • Preservation of the original layout and file format
  • Meticulous Quality Assurance process
  • One round of post-delivery editing
  • 100% human-generated English to Dutch translation
  • Translation memory on file
  • Optional proprietary term base
  • Fair rates

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