How To Count Words in MS Word & Other Word Processors

Most translators charge a transparent price per word, which is why they require the word count of your file in order to provide an accurate quote.

If you are unsure about the number of words in your document or how to count them in a word processor, here are some helpful tips and instructions. Alternatively, you can try this free online word counting tool.

  • How Many Words on an A4 Page?

    On average 400-500 words per a4 page

You might wonder how many words fit on an A4 page. As a rule of thumb, a standard A4 page with default margins, 12 point font size, and 1.5 line spacing contains on average 400 to 500 words.

When you include subheadings, white spacing, or images, you can expect an A4 sheet to have about 350 words.

How to Check the Exact Word Count

Follow the instructions below to count words in Word or other word processors and determine the exact number of words in your document.

  • Word Count in Word

    The word processor of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word automatically displays the number of words in your document on the status bar.

If you do not see the word count in the status bar, do the following:
  • Right-click the status bar
  • Check the box Word Count
Screenshot of Word Count functionality in MS Word

Find the number of words, characters (spaces included or excluded), paragraphs, and lines by clicking on the displayed word count in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. Check the checkbox to include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes in your statistics.

Alternatively, on the Review tab under Proofing, click Word Count to see the detailed statistics. The shortcut to show the word count statistics in Word is Ctrl+Shift+G.

  • Word Count in Google Docs

    The word processor of Docs Editors

Check Display word count while typing and then click OK to find the number of words while you type, or do the following:
  • At the top of the page, click Tools
  • Then, click Word count to find the total number of words, characters, and pages
  • Alternatively, use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C

  • Word Count in Writer

    The word processor of LibreOffice

LibreOffice Writer shows the number of words and characters on the status bar.

To display extended statistics, double click the word count in the status bar or choose Tools (shortcut Alt+T) and then Word Count (shortcut Alt+W).

How to Calculate the Total Cost for Translation

Once you have determined the number of words in your document, it's easy to calculate a ballpark figure for the total cost of your English to Dutch translation project using the translation price calculator.

You can also simply multiply the number of words in your document with the quoted unit price.

If you need an exact price, it is best to send your document and request a tailor made quote for the project.

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