How many words are in your A4 document?

A standard A4 page with default margins, 12 point font size, and 1.5 line spacing contains on average 400 to 500 words. When you include subheadings, white spacing, or images, expect some 350 words on an A4 sheet.

Average daily output
The turnaround time for translation projects depends on the volume of the text, among other factors. My average daily translation output is 2,500 words, that is approximately 6 A4 pages. For editing and proofreading this number is 3,500 and 5,000 words respectively (approximately 9 / 13 A4 sheets).

How to determine the exact word count

Follow the instructions below to determine the exact word count in your favorite word processor.

Screenshot of Word Count functionality in MS Word

Word count in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word automatically displays the number of words in your document on the status bar. If you do not see the word count in the status bar, do the following:

  • Right-click the status bar
  • Check the box Word Count

On the Review tab, click Word Count to see the detailed statistics (or use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G).

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Word count in Google Docs

Check Display word count while typing and then click OK to find the word count while you type or do the following:

  • At the top of the page, click Tools
  • Then, click Word count to find the total number of words, characters, and pages

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Word count in LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer shows the number of words and characters on the status bar. If you only want to count some text of your document, select this text.

To display extended statistics, double click the word count in the status bar or choose Tools/Word Count.

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