Translator introduction

Technical translator Erwin van Wouw

I am Erwin van Wouw (1973), a native speaker of Dutch who was born and raised in the Netherlands. I live with my wife and children in the beautiful city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am probably one of the very few Android enthusiasts that live entirely in the iOS ecosystem.

I have worked as an English to Dutch technical translator since 2007. In 2015 I was admitted to the Certified PRO Network, a network of professional translators who have proved to meet or exceed professional standards as outlined in the EN 15038 standard for translation quality.

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Summarized CV

  • specialist technical translator since 2012
  • freelance translator since 2007
  • more than four years of experience in subtitling
  • two years of experience as a network administrator
  • over nine years working experience as a flexographic printer, letterpress printer and web offset printer
  • instrument maker (Royal Netherlands Army)

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Education and training

  • bachelor's degree in translations (Hogeschool West-Nederland, The Hague)
  • SNEVT translation certificates
  • memoQ Level 1 certification
  • sworn in as a certified translator (District Court, Utrecht)
  • newspaper web offset printing certificate (GOC, Veenendaal)
  • senior general secondary education (ROC, Leiden)
  • secondary vocational training in electrical engineering (MTSL, Leiden)
  • primary vocational training (KTS, Voorhout)

Continuing professional and organisational development

I maintain and enlarge my specialist expertise with carefully chosen ongoing training in various areas.

Industry specific

The courses I recently attended include:

  • Regular expressions and wildcard characters
  • HTML and CSS
  • CAT-tools (memoQ certified)
  • internet of things (IoT)
  • domotics
  • blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • copywriting
  • content overhaul
  • software localisation
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • technical writing
  • renewable energies: wind power & solar power
  • industrial materials
  • the automotive industry
  • software translation
  • Simplified Technical English (STE)
  • industrial safety
  • app localisation
  • translating for the IT industry
  • final editing
  • transcreation
  • terminology management
  • customer satisfaction
  • project management
  • post-MT editing
  • website translation