Supported Translation File Formats

You might ask yourself, what translation file formats you can submit. Let's take a moment to consider what translation file formats are supported for your English to Dutch translation.

Whether you are translating technical documents, websites, general documents or sustainable technology documentation, BlacKKite can handle most file formats, from Microsoft Word and Excel files to SDL Trados Studio XLIFFs and Adobe InDesign file translation.

Most Common Translation File Formats

Here is a summary of the most common translation file types BlacKKite works with.

Any file created in an (cloud-based) office software suite, such as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice. Office suites often consist of tools such as word processors, spreadsheet tools and presentation software. Translating office files is normally a pretty straightforward process for translators.

XML data is a simple, yet flexible text-based format used to represent and transfer structured information. Bilingual translation memory TM files are most often exchanged between translators in the TMX or XLIFF format, both XML based formats created to standardize the way data is exchanged between steps in the localization process (XML) and between translation tools (XLIFF).

  • DTP Files

    E.g. Adobe InDesign INDD or IDML files

Desk Top Publishing files are layout files that store images and text in combination with formatting information. DTP files are used for creating manuals, leaflets, brochures, newsletters etc.

Adobe InDesign Translation

As Adobe InDesign is the most widely used publishing software available, BlacKKite offers basic InDesign translation support for the English to Dutch language pair. InDesign formats such as INDD and IDML allow for direct InDesign translation in a CAT tool. Once the translation is completed, you receive an updated InDesign file wherein the English text is replaced with the Dutch translation.

BlacKKite offers no multilingual desktop publishing services for InDesign translation. Since the Dutch language often takes up more space than the English language, you may need to make some minor adjustments to the InDesign translation to account for any language expansion.

Translation project packages consist of handoff and return packages created by CAT tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ or Wordfast. These packages can contain source and target language files, bilingual translation memory TM files, and bilingual term base or glossary files.

What Translation File Formats are Supported?

The following table displays the most common translation file formats supported for translation into Dutch. If you are preparing for translation, it is safe to save your documents in one of these file formats.

Office files
Microsoft Word.docx, .rtf
Microsoft Excel.xlsx
Microsoft PowerPoint.pptx
Legacy Microsoft Office.doc, .xls, .ppt
Plain text.txt, .inf, .ini, .reg
Portable Document Format.pdf
Hypertext Markup Language.htm, .html
Extensible Markup Language
Apple iOS app strings.strings
Google Android app strings.xml
XML Localization Interchange File Format.xliff, .xlif
Translation Memory eXchange format.tmx
SDL Trados Studio XLIFF.sdlxliff
Legacy SDL Trados.ttx
Wordfast Pro.txml
memoQ XLIFF.mqxlz
DTP files
Adobe InDesign Document.indd
Legacy Adobe InDesign.idml, .inx
Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format.mif
Adobe InCopy.incx
Project packages
SDL Studio package.sdlppx
STAR Transit project.pxf, .ppf
memoQ Handoff package.mqout
memoQ Handback package.mqback
Note: translating PDF files requires special attention.

  • Your Translation File Format Not Listed?

    Translation of other file formats on request

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