How to Translate a PDF File

PDF is a very useful format for exchanging and evaluating electronic documents. However, limitations will surface when PDF files are modified, such as when making corrections or translating the PDF.

While working from the original source document is the preferred method for translating your PDF files, I will also demonstrate a direct solution for translating PDFs.

Translate PDF Source File

PDF files are always generated from a source document, often produced using DTP software such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, or Microsoft Publisher. These PDF source files were specifically designed for editability, making them a logical choice for serving as the basis of your PDF translation.

Do you want your PDF translated faster and more accurately? Just send the document in the original format! BlacKKite offers translation support for most file formats.

  • Benefits of PDF Translation from Source Files

    Best option for PDF translation

  • No additional costs
  • Retain the original layout
  • No reformatting
  • Shorter turnaround time

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Direct PDF Translation

If the source document is not available, I can use a conversion tool such as Adobe Acrobat to export the PDF as an editable Office file. Depending on the complexity of the PDF design and markup, the layout of the document may differ slightly after translation.

Note: I charge a small additional fee for the PDF conversion service. Basing the translation on the original source document is always preferable and is the most financially advantageous.

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