How to translate a PDF file?

PDF is a very useful format for exchanging and evaluating electronic documents. However, limitations will surface when files are changed, such as when making corrections or translating. I can help you select the best option for translating your PDF files.

Translation of PDF source

PDFs are always based on a source document, for example from a DTP program like InDesign or Publisher. I can normally process this source file directly.


  • No additional costs
  • Retain original layout
  • No reformatting
  • Shorter translation turnaround time

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Can't find your source file?

You want to translate a PDF but are unable to find the source file?

  • Search for the document with a desktop search tool
  • Ask your colleague
  • Ask your DTP specialist, advertising agency or graphic designer

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Alternative for PDF translation

If the source document is not available, I can export the PDF as an editable Office file with a conversion tools like Adobe Acrobat. Depending on the complexity of the layout of the PDF, the layout of the document may differ slightly.

Note: I charge a small additional fee for the PDF conversion service. Basing the translation on the original source document is always preferable and is the most financially advantageous.