How to translate a PDF file?

PDF is a very useful format for exchanging and evaluating electronic documents. However, limitations will surface when PDF files are changed, such as when making corrections or translating.

The best option for translating your PDF files is basing the translation on the original source document, but I will show you all of the possible solutions.

Translation of the PDF source

PDFs are always based on a source document, for example from a DTP program such as InDesign or Publisher. I can normally process such a source file directly.


  • No additional costs
  • Retain the original layout
  • No reformatting
  • Shorter translation turnaround time

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Can't find your source file?

Do you want to translate a PDF but are you unable to locate the source file?

  • Search for the document with a desktop search tool
  • Ask your colleague
  • Ask your DTP specialist, advertising agency, or graphic designer

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Alternative to PDF source translation

If the source document is not available, I can export the PDF as an editable Office file with a conversion tool such as Adobe Acrobat. Depending on the complexity of the layout of the PDF, the layout of the document may differ slightly.

Note: I charge a small additional fee for the PDF conversion service. Basing the translation on the original source document is always preferable and is the most financially advantageous.