How to Create a memoQ Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Can't remember all memoQ shortcuts by heart?

The memoQ CAT tool enables you to save and print out a list of the default or customized shortcuts as a cheat sheet.

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How to Create a memoQ Shortcuts Cheat Sheet in memoQ Translator Pro 9:

  • Choose Options/Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to save and click Edit (A).
  • In the next window click Save Cheat Sheet (B).
  • Save your list of shortcuts in HTML format.

Screenshot of the shortcut cheat sheet dialog window in memoQ Translator Pro.

The Cheat Sheet feature is available in the following versions of memoQ:

  • Translator Pro 9 and up
  • Translator Pro 8
  • Translator Pro 2015

Customize memoQ Shortcuts

Do you want to add a shortcut for a memoQ command? You can now customize the memoQ shortcuts to your own preferences.

Note: You can't change the default set of shortcuts.
Make a copy of this set by clicking Clone.

Instructions for memoQ Translator Pro 2015 or Newer:

  • Open the Options window by clicking the cog icon in the upper lef corner, and select Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to edit and click Edit (A).
  • Search for and select the command you want to change the shortcut for.
  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Select the edit box and press the required shortcut key combination.
  • Click the green plus icon.

Instructions for memoQ Translator Pro 2014 or Older:

  • Choose Tools/Options/Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to edit and click Edit (A).
  • Select the command you want to change the shortcut for.
  • Press the desired new shortcut key combination.

memoQ Shortcut Keys

memoQ versions older than Translator Pro 2015 do not support the Cheat Sheet feature. The list below contains the default shortcuts for this legacy software, many of which are still applicable to modern versions.

The shortcuts for inserting special characters and diacritics are excluded. memoQ enables you to invoke a list of diacritics, special characters and symbols by hitting keystroke combination Ctrl+Shift+I.

Add CommentCtrl + MEditor
AutoCorrectCtrl + Shift + OEditor
Close Active DocumentCtrl + F4Editor
Confirm and OverwriteAlt + EnterEditor
Confirm and Update RowsCtrl + Shift + UEditor
Confirm Without UpdateCtrl + Shift + EnterEditor
ConfirmCtrl + EnterEditor
Copy Selection To TargetCtrl + Shift + TEditor
Copy Source To TargetCtrl + Shift + SEditor
CopyCtrl + CEditor
CutCtrl + XEditor
Display All HitsCtrl + Shift + DEditor
Down in horizontal editing controlAlt + DownEditor
Edit SourceF2Editor
Edit WarningsCtrl + WEditor
Filter for selected textCtrl + Shift + FEditor
FindCtrl + FEditor
Goto Next SettingsCtrl + Shift + GEditor
Goto NextCtrl + GEditor
Insert Assembled HitF4Editor
Insert Current HitCtrl + SpaceEditor
Insert SymbolCtrl + Shift + IEditor
Join SegmentsCtrl + JEditor
Lock SegmentsCtrl + Shift + LEditor
Look Up TermCtrl + PEditor
Mark Selected TextCtrl + Shift + MEditor
memoQ Web SearchCtrl + F3Editor
Move down in hitsCtrl + DownEditor
Move selected text left by one wordCtrl + Shift + BEditor
Move selected text right by one wordCtrl + Shift + NEditor
Move up in hitsCtrl + UpEditor
Navigate down by one viewPage DownEditor
Navigate downDown arrowEditor
Navigate through the open tabsCtrl + TabEditor
Navigate up by one viewPage UpEditor
Navigate upUp arrowEditor
PasteCtrl + VEditor
Perform Correction or ReplaceCtrl + Alt + SpaceEditor
RejectShift + EnterEditor
ReplaceCtrl + HEditor
Revert to Earlier VersionCtrl + Shift + EEditor
Scan SegmentF3Editor
Select All SegmentsCtrl + Shift + AEditor
Select text line by lineShift + arrow up/downEditor
Select text word by wordCtrl + Shift + arrow left/rightEditor
Select textShift + arrow left/rightEditor
Spelling and GrammarF7Editor
Split SegmentCtrl + TEditor
Switch from source to targetTabEditor
View Pane ContentF10Editor
Switch To Next LayoutF11Editor
Toggle CaseShift + F3Editor
Up in horizontal editing controlAlt + UpEditor
View/EditCtrl + Alt + EnterEditor
Toggle insert / overwrite modeInsertEditor
UndoCtrl + ZEditor
RedoCtrl + YEditor
Copy Next Tag SequenceF9Formatting
Edit Inline TagCtrl + F9Formatting
Insert All TagsAlt + F8Formatting
Remove All TagsCtrl + F8 Formatting
Tag InsertionF6 Formatting
Arrange TagsAlt + F6 Formatting
BoldCtrl + B Formatting
ItalicCtrl + I Formatting
UnderlineCtrl + U Formatting
SuperscriptCtrl + + Formatting
SubscriptCtrl + Shift + + Formatting
Concordance SearchCtrl + KConcordance
Insert Selected Text in the target text field
of the Concordance dialog
Alt + SConcordance
Overwrite target of current segment with target of Concordance dialogAlt + IConcordance
Add TermCtrl + ETerm Base
Quick Add TermCtrl + QTerm Base
Save AllCtrl + SGeneral
Show/hide ribbonCtrl + F1General
TM SearchCtrl + Shift + QGeneral


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