memoQ Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


Can't remember all memoQ shortcuts by heart?

This page provides a cheat sheet for the default shortcuts of memoQ Translator Pro 10, and instructions on how to create your own cheat sheet.

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Shortcuts Cheat Sheet memoQ 10

The following table lists the default shortcuts for memoQ 10. The shortcuts for inserting special characters and diacritics are not included in this cheat sheet. memoQ allows you to access a list of diacritics, special characters and symbols by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I.

Confirm All Auto LinksCtrl+Shift+C
Create Cross LinkCtrl+O
Remove Link or InsertionCtrl+R
Run AlignerCtrl+Shift+R
Find/replace listing
Confirm Without UpdateCtrl+Shift+Enter
Move To NextCtrl+Down
Move To PreviousCtrl+Up
Replace thisCtrl+Space
Special characters
Em dash — Ctrl+Alt+-
En dash – Ctrl+-
Non-breaking hyphenCtrl+Shift+-
No-break spaceCtrl+Shift+Space
Close Active DocumentCtrl+F4
Confirm And Update...Ctrl+Shift+U
Copy File NameCtrl+Alt+C
Copy file name with absolute pathCtrl+Alt+F
Copy file name with relative pathCtrl+Alt+R
Find NextF5
Lock/Unlock Segments...Ctrl+L
Open LocationCtrl+Alt+O
Resolve errors and warnings
Apply Auto CorrectionCtrl+Alt+Space
Confirm Without UpdateCtrl+Shift+Enter
Ignore And Move To NextCtrl+Space
Refresh DataCtrl+Shift+R
Segment editor
Add Non-TranslatableCtrl+Alt+N
Add Term...Ctrl+E
Arrange TagsAlt+F6
Concordance in sourceAlt+K
Concordance in targetAlt+Shift+K
Copy Next Tag SequenceF9
Copy Selection To TargetCtrl+Shift+T
Copy Source To TargetCtrl+Shift+S
Down In Horizontal Editing ControlAlt+Down
Edit Inline TagCtrl+F9
Insert All TagsAlt+F8
Insert Symbol...Ctrl+Shift+I
Look Up Term...Ctrl+P
memoQ web search...Ctrl+F3
Move Selected Words LeftCtrl+Shift+B
Move Selected Words RightCtrl+Shift+N
MT Concordance...Ctrl+Shift+K
Quick Add TermCtrl+Q
Quick Insert TagCtrl+F10
Remove All TagsCtrl+F8
Select All TextCtrl+A
Toggle CaseShift+F3
Toggle Insert/Overwrite ModeInsert
Track ChangesCtrl+Shift+X
Up In Horizontal Editing ControlAlt+Up
TB editor
Delete Selected TB EntriesCtrl+D
Mark As MainCtrl+M
Mark For DeletionCtrl+Shift+D
Mark For MergeCtrl+Shift+M
Mark To SkipCtrl+Shift+P
Merge CurrentCtrl+Shift+C
Merge SelectionCtrl+Shift+Enter
New TB EntryCtrl+N
Term extraction
Accept As TermCtrl+Enter
Add As Stop WordCtrl+W
Add as TargetAlt+T
Add source as exampleCtrl+S
Add target as exampleCtrl+T
Drop TermCtrl+D
Go ToCtrl+Space
Go To NextAlt+Right
Go To PreviousAlt+Left
Look Up Terms NowF3
Next RowCtrl+Down
Prefix Merge HideCtrl+M
Previous RowCtrl+Up
Select All RowsCtrl+Shift+A
Toggle Hits And Term BaseCtrl+G
TM editor
Delete Selected TM EntriesCtrl+D
Filter for Selected Text / Clear Text FilterCtrl+Shift+F
Flag TM EntryCtrl+M
Jump To Next FlaggedCtrl+G
Mark As MainCtrl+Alt+M
Mark For DeletionCtrl+Shift+D
Mark For MergeCtrl+Shift+M
Mark To SkipCtrl+Shift+P
Merge CurrentCtrl+Shift+C
Merge SelectionCtrl+Shift+Enter
New TM EntryCtrl+N
Save ChangesCtrl+S
Translation document
AutoCorrect SettingsCtrl+Shift+O
Confirm Without UpdateCtrl+Shift+Enter
Edit SourceF2
Errors And Warnings...Ctrl+W
Filter for Selected Text / Clear Text FilterCtrl+Shift+F
Go To NextCtrl+G
Go To Next SettingsCtrl+Shift+G
Insert 10th Hit From The Hit ListCtrl+0
Insert 11th Hit From The Hit ListCtrl+Shift+1
Insert 1st Hit From The Hit ListCtrl+1
Insert Assembled HitF4
Insert Current HitCtrl+Space
Move Down In Translation Hit ListCtrl+Down
Move Up In Translation Hit ListCtrl+Up
Revert To Earlier VersionCtrl+Shift+E
Save Current DocumentCtrl+S
Scan SegmentF3
Select All SegmentsCtrl+Shift+A
Switch To Next LayoutF11
Switch View Pane ContentF10
Toggle Auto-propagation For RowCtrl+Shift+H
Toggle Tag Insertion ModeF6
Toggle Text Marking ModeCtrl+Shift+M
View/Edit Current HitCtrl+Alt+Enter

How to Create a Shortcuts Cheat Sheet in memoQ 10

The memoQ CAT tool enables you to save and print out a list of the default or customized shortcuts as a cheat sheet.

  • Choose Options/Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to save and click Edit (A).
  • In the next window click Save Cheat Sheet (B).
  • Save your list of shortcuts in HTML format.

Screenshot of the shortcut cheat sheet dialog window in memoQ Translator Pro.

The Cheat Sheet feature is also available in the following versions of memoQ:

  • Translator Pro 8 and up
  • Translator Pro 2015

Customize memoQ Shortcuts

Do you want to add a shortcut for a memoQ command? You can now customize the memoQ shortcuts to your own preferences.

Note: You can't change the default set of shortcuts.
Make a copy of this set by clicking Clone.

Instructions for memoQ Translator Pro 2015 or Newer:

  • Open the Options window by clicking the cog icon in the upper lef corner, and select Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to edit and click Edit (A).
  • Search for and select the command you want to change the shortcut for.
  • Click the pencil icon.
  • Select the edit box and press the required shortcut key combination.
  • Click the green plus icon.

Instructions for memoQ Translator Pro 2014 or Older:

  • Choose Tools/Options/Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Select the list you want to edit and click Edit (A).
  • Select the command you want to change the shortcut for.
  • Press the desired new shortcut key combination.

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